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Online shopping takes about 30% less energy than regular stores. That’s simply because every single customer saves a trip to the mall (hello COemissions!) and because of all that is involved with a brick and mortar store (hello plastic & electricity!). However, we are conscious of the emissions caused by the delivery trucks carrying our Yoga Dept boxes all around the world and that’s why we pay carbon offsets to cover for these shipments. 

Carbon offsets are a way to compensate for carbon emissions by investing in projects that cancel out our emissions of CO2 in some way. Think of it as the time you had a trip to the beach planned in a week but could't resist that 2nd (or 3rd) piece of cake at your cousin's birthday and went running every day to cancel it all out. Well, it’s kind of the same. We buy our carbon offsets with if you want to have a look.


Our core values of kindness and care guide all of our choices, right down to the packaging line. We avoid plastic as much as possible and we use recycled cardboard boxes and envelopes that you can reuse/compost/recycle/build a fort with after receiving your package.

When you get your box from Yoga Dept, don’t expect your products to be wrapped in loads of luxurious tissue paper. It won’t happen. We like our forests full of trees and our boxes… less fluffy. If your items come protected and wrapped in paper or cardboard -or even plastic-, it’s unusual for us. It may have been packaged by aliens… Or, it could be because we chose to reuse some material that came to us by one of our suppliers. We let you decide the version you like best.

One Tree Planted per Item Sold

For each and every item sold, we'll plant one tree. Okay... our team won't personally stop shipping your stuff and get outside to plant trees (that would be fun though). We partner with the non-profit One Tree Planted to plant trees and combat climat change.

Planting trees is one of the most effective way we can help the planet. More oxygen, more wildlife natural habitats, less ocean and land erosion… just plain good stuff. All the trees we plant are here in Canada.

In the Office

Small actions count too. We recycle and compost everything we can. We avoid all plastic and one-use items. We only use recycled paper. With our everyday choices, we stand for what we stand on.

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