Stay in the Present Moment with these 3 Simple Techniques


Do you find yourself finishing a meal without being aware that you were eating? Do you catch yourself not listening to what your loved ones are saying? Sometimes, are days kind of blurring into one?

These are the kind of things that happen when we are not fully present. When our mind wanders and thinks about mundane tasks instead of fully enjoying the present moment.

After all, all we have is now so we better make the most of it. We have 3 easy, do anywhere, tricks that instantly work to bring you back to now!

How to be more mindful and in the present moment

Use your breath

Inhale for 3 counts. Hold for 3 counts. Exhale for 3 counts. Repeat.

Stop thinking about what to say next

If you are in a conversation and catch yourself not listening, apologize and ask for the person to repeat. Don’t fell bad, it happens to everyone. But when they repeat make sure to listen and stop thinking about what to respond, what to say and stop analyzing the situation. Just be there, look at the person in the eyes and listen.

Look around

Find 3 things you see, 2 things you hear and 1 thing you smell right now. Describe them in your head or write it down. This exercise is grounding and will bring you back to the present moment.

The more you do these exercises, along with meditation, the more mindful you’ll become. Do you have another technique you use to be more present?

Photo: @neondivebar

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