The Very Best Way to Wash your Yoga Pants

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Yes! You’ve found your dream yoga pants. And they fit like a glove! (If they don’t, we have easy returns, don’t worry). But now, you want to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible and go throught numerous yoga classes, walks in the parks and coffee runs together.

3 tips to wash your yoga pants the right way

1-Wash synthetics with synthetics

Wash your yoga pants only with similar synthetic fabrics. That means that you don’t want to throw a towel with your synthetics load. Cotton has a tendency to cling to most synthetic fabrics and it doesn’t look very good.

2-A little bit of detergent goes a long way

Even if you sweated a lot, you really don’t need to add a ton of detergent to wash your yoga clothes. You want to add just enough to get the grime off your gear, but not too much, as it can make the fabric breakdown quicker and accumulate in the fabric and cause odors.

3-Ice Ice Baby

Always wash your yoga pants and synthetics in cold water. You’ll also be doing the environment a favor!

how wash yoga pants

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4-Skip fabric softener

Yoga clothes are usually super soft as is. You don’t need to add fabric softener and in fact you really shouldn’t. The fabric softener creates a shield-layer on your clothes which you want to avoid for 2 reasons. First, water and detergent won’t be able to penetrate the fabric as well next time you wash it and can create odors. Second, the layer of fabric softener disrupts the very important moisture wicking magic we seek in yoga clothes.

5-Air Dry

If you shouldn’t wash your yoga pants in hot water, you shouldn’t dry them with hot air neither! It most likely will shorten their lifespan. Air dry them, if possible not in the sun, but if you must, you can put them in the dryer at the lowest heat setting possible.

When in doubt, read the label!

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  • Posted on by Mark Andrew Sunderland

    Washing with Vinegar and Baking Soda, 1-cup of each (no detergent). Goes a long way to reducing the odor. Just because your performance wear smells good doesn’t mean it’s clean. Remember, we all sweat and smell differently. So you may need to experiment a bit.

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