Top 8 Holiday Gifts for Yoga Teachers


Top 8 Holiday Gifts for Yoga Teachers

Looking for the perfect gift for your yoga teacher or for a friend or family member of yours that happens to be a yoga teacher? Look no further. We gathered the top choices right here.

1- The Best Yoga Mat


Manduka Black Mat Pro, 125$

Yoga teachers spend a lot of time on their mat. That’s why they need a good mat, if not the best yoga mat available on the market: the Manduka Black Mat Pro. It stays in place, is non-slip, has unmatched support, is Lifetime Guaranteed and it never wears out. That’s right, this means that the yoga teacher in your life will be able to use this yoga mat for a lifetime.

2- A workshop, yoga festival pass or a yoga retreat


wanderlust festival yoga gift guide

A yoga teacher is only as good as its personal practice. Their practice needs to always grow and be inspired and it is essential to go back to being a student often. Give the gift of learning and growing by offering them something they may not have invested in themselves; a workshop, a pass to Wanderlust yoga festival or a yoga retreat.

3- A yoga mat bag


Gaiam Grey Performance Yoga Mat Bag, 41$

Yoga teachers often teach at more than one place and need to be on the go. Carrying a mat on its own is pretty annoying. This yoga mat bag is perfect; the nylon material covers the whole bag protecting it from the elements. It has an adjustable crossbody strap and a small zippered pocket to hold things like a phone, keys and other small essentials.

4- A yoga book


yoga book for yoga teachers

Yoga Sequencing, 26,50$

This yoga book is perfect for new yoga teachers or for teachers who feel like they are in a yoga sequencing creative rut.

5- Yoga Clothes teeki phoenix rising leggingonzie grey yoga leggings capris

Left: Teeki Phoenix Rising Hot Pant, 92$              Right: Onzie 7/8 Racer Midi in Stone, 83$

Yoga teachers need a lot of yoga clothes as they most likely teach more than one (sweaty) class per day. Sometimes it feels nice to change in between classes or to not have to do laundry every second day. Good quality yoga clothes are always a hit. For females, you could go for a fun colorful legging (on the left) or choose a staple, like this grey midi legging on the right. Shop for more yoga clothes.

6- Notebooks

yoga teacher notebooks

Vintage Blossoms Notebook Set, 18$

Many yoga teachers keep a notebook close by to write down class sequences, quotes and inspirations. Give a pretty notebook like one of these for an inexpensive but thoughtful gift.

7- Yoga inspired home decor

yoga home decor gift

Yoga Prints Set, 40$

This prints set is perfect to turn any home in a yoga cocoon. Perfect for a yoga teacher who chose to make yoga their lifestyle.

8- Yoga Jewelry

gold om yoga necklace

Satya Enlightened Om Necklace, 76$

This delicate OM necklace is a good gift for a female yoga teacher. The 18K gold plated brass OM is accented by a white topaz, stone of individuality, creativity and awareness. It’s a nice choice if your yoga teacher already has a mala necklace.


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