How to Transform Your Yoga Outfits Into Street Clothes?


When you try to think about it, you will notice that fashion has changed over time. For example, clothing styles that once had restrictions to specific activities can now serve other purposes.

We can relate the same thing with yoga outfits. Recently, more women are embracing the idea of wearing yoga pants on the streets instead of inside gyms.

How to Transform Your Yoga Outfits Into Street Clothes

If you're a yogini, then the chances are that you've restricted your yoga outfits to just the gym. How about switching things up a bit?

 The beautiful thing is that anyone can turn yoga pants and tops into everyday wear. We will cover the steps to achieving it in this guide.

 So, let's get started!

 Why Do Women Think About Wearing Yoga Outfits on Streets

 Before now, yoga outfits were specific to a gym activity - yoga. Nonetheless, women are starting to see more reasons why yoga pants should be go-to fashion wear.

 From going on naughty dates to grocery shopping, more women are making these outfits their preferred choice.

 Here are more reasons why most women think wearing yoga outfits on the streets is an influential trend.

 1. Yoga Outfits Are Comfortable

Yoga outfits are unquestionably comfortable to wear. They can fit into any lifestyle of your choice. But, ideally, you can't wear them to the office or any other formal setting.

However, you can use it for an outing to the park, mall, or a casual walk with your spouse.

How to Transform Your Yoga Outfits Into Street Clothes

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With yoga outfits, you don't need to abandon your sense of style. That's because you can pair them with T-shirts, Sneakers, Jackets, etc., and still feel great at it.

Not only are they comfortable on the skin, but yoga clothes are also flexible.

Are you worried about your recent weight gain? Yoga outfits will hug and protect you. Unlike cotton cloths, they barely get into your skin.

2. Yoga Outfits Can Fit Any Body Shape

Most women who have always felt insecure about their body features tend to seek consolation in yoga outfits. Yoga outfits are perfect for all body sizes - so women use them to boost their confidence and esteem.

Also, these yoga outfits help to create the illusion. That means women with small hips or other parts can conveniently have other fake flesh.

3. We Can Pair Yoga Outfits Differently

One fascinating thing about yoga outfits is that you don't need to bother about wearing them. So what's your current style? Sporty, girly, chic, street? Rest assured that you can pair your yoga wear to fit any of them.

4. Yoga Outfits Are Affordable

Yoga clothes are generally affordable. More brands produce slightly expensive ones, but you will still get the value for every penny spent. Aside from that, you can also thrift them in your local stores and save more money.

5. Yoga Outfits Use Less Storage

If you have somewhat less space in your closet, yoga outfits are the best set of clothing you need. They usually come in petite sizes, so you only need to fold and forget about them.

Top 9 Ways to Transform Your Yoga Outfits Into Street Clothes

Every female yoga lover gets to that point where they want to turn their yoga outfits into regular outfits. But how can this be possible? Let's see some ideas below.



How to Transform Your Yoga Outfits Into Street Clothes

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1. Pair Yoga Pants With Stylish Tops

Pairing your yoga pants with a top can offer you more comfort than you imagined. This combination makes you more flexible too.

If you own an excessively long tank top, you can use it. Yet, make sure to tie its ends into a knot to the front. That will make it more stylish.

You can adjust the knots to either be loose or tight, roll your top a bit up to fake a crop top.

2. Throw on a Hoodie and a Pair of Sneakers


How to Transform Your Yoga Outfits Into Street Clothes

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Have you thought about how a hoodie and sneakers can bring a difference to your yoga outfits? It's a simple yet perfect way to achieve the street fashion idea you want.

 After the gym hours, you can leave on your yoga pants and throw on your sneakers. A tote bag will add more flair and minimize your sporty appearance. Try this with a colorful hoodie and black yoga pants; your body will thank you.

 3. Match With a Tunic

 Pairing your yoga pants with a tunic dress and some flat sandals will make you feel girly and comfy. This combination is excellent, especially if the tunic top comes in chiffon or any other lighter material. It will also make you feel fresh.

4. Combine Yoga Top With a Jacket

 You may not know it, but combining your yoga top with a denim jacket is just what you might need to switch it up. Pairing with a bright-colored coat is enough to make you steal the spotlight.

 5. Yoga Pants and a Cardigan

 Not only is this outfit combination an easy one, but it's also pretty stylish. It should be black yoga pants paired with either a colored, white, gray cardigan. An off-white design may work too.

6. Oversized T-Shirt With Yoga Pants

How to Transform Your Yoga Outfits Into Street Clothes

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 Whatever you plan to do with your yoga pants, know that you can also pair them with an oversized t-shirt. Check your brother, sister, or even your dad's wardrobe if you are looking for one. You will most definitely find the ideal t-shirt for your pants!

 Long or oversized t-shirts against black yoga pants will always be in line with the trends. But, one can spice things up a bit by opting for a more stylish t-shirt.

 7. Yoga Top With High Waist Denims

 You can never go wrong with trendy denim and a yoga top. All you need to do is toss on denim shorts or trousers, and there you have it!

This combination can make you excel at street-style fashion wear. Also, a boyfriend or bootcut jeans can improve the overall beauty of your outfit.

Put on your flat sandals, sling bag, or any available accessory, and you're good to go!

8. Yoga Track Pants and a Plain T-Shirt

Wearing yoga track pants with a plain t-shirt sounds basic, but it's an effortless way to stand out in the crowd.

So, to get this style, wear some croc shoes to show how relaxed and comfortable you feel in your outfit. Also, a tote or crossbody bag will be a better fit rather than carrying a gym bag.

The idea of this style is to make you feel flexible and comfortable while going about your daily routine.

9. Yoga Pants With Turtleneck

It should be a go-to style on a cold day. This style doesn't need you to do much - Wearing a long, warm turtleneck with a pair of beautiful flat shoes is flawless.

Bonus Tip: Use Accessories

How to Transform Your Yoga Outfits Into Street Clothes

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We cannot emphasize enough the importance of accessories. They lay more emphasis on your taste, preferences, and personal fashion style.

Fashion accessories that you can pair with your yoga outfits include the following options.

Earrings: Hoops, studs, cuffs, chandeliers

Bags: Small or big bags come in handy and help to organize your style better. But, as mentioned above, crossbody or tote bags are perfect!

Bracelets: Bracelets can improve the aesthetics of your outfit. Think crystals or fun beads bracelets.

Hair: For most of the styles mentioned, a messy bun can work. Ensure to shampoo, condition, and fix up a go-to protective style.


Final Thoughts!

And that's all everyone needs to know about yoga outfits and how to transform them into street clothes. Layering your yoga outfits with different pieces is very helpful. Consider tank tops, tees, cardigans, jackets, sweatshirts, etc.

Regardless of how beautiful they look, you shouldn't wear yoga outfits to your office. Finally, always look out for black, grey, or any other dark-colored yoga outfit.

That's because they are all-rounders and can go with any outfit you settle for in the end.

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