What To Wear To Yoga For First Time


What To Wear To Yoga For First Time

Yoga is meant to be a session that gives you room to meditate and relax as a form of exercise. What to wear for yoga is important because it has to align with the course.

What To Wear To Yoga For First Time?

Wearing clothing that is comfortable, non-restrictive and stretchy is important. The clothing has to be made of breathable fabric to avoid getting hot and flustered. Lastly, it has to be supportive, holding body parts in place. It has to stay put, no matter the position you are in.

When you ask what to wear before attending your first yoga class, people will say something comfortable or non-restrictive. Read on to find out what exactly you need to wear!

A Good Sports Bra

What To Wear To Yoga For First Time

Any female yogi must have a good sports bra. A good sports bra is that which gives a decent coverage and is supportive.

It doesn’t have to be as tight as a running bra but at least one that holds you in place. You have to feel comfortable in it so you don’t be distracted during yoga workout.

It’s important that you avoid bras that have fastening on the back. You would not want to get distracted while doing the floor work.

When doing shopping for bras, try out a few first. That is to find the one that fits perfectly.it should not have the adjustments from behind.

Yoga Tops

If at home you try doing yoga on your own in a certain top, a class routine will not be any different. You can get away with the top even in class.

The top should not slip up over your shoulders or neck when doing workouts that involve being inverted.

A loose fitting top is not allowed. A yoga top should be fitted and long enough to cover your torso when you stretch.

I would recommend muscle tees for men yogi since they are stylish and high in performance. They help your breath and the best material is that which is soft comfortable to touch.

If at all you opt for the ones that cover your shoulders, the best material to go for is synthetic. The muscles tees allow you to move arms without any restriction.

Yoga Pants Or Leggings


It’s a personal choice either to wear loose pants or leggings for yoga. Yoga leggings have been used for over ten years and are everywhere.

Any of the leggings you may be having in your closet are good enough for a yoga class as long as they are opaque. To check, strike a downward dog pose and let a friend confirm.

If they are opaque, ensure that the stomach also is in check. There are leggings that slip down when you strike some poses. An example is the upside-down pose. Those can be distracting.

The high waist leggings for women are really supportive. Any pants or leggings that are supportive, opaque and don’t slip down are perfect for yoga.

Men choose to wear yoga leggings or running leggings for yoga instead of pants. The yoga leggings have a high percentage of spandex.

The leggings for men offer more support and are good for stretches. There is also an option for compression garments. The compression pants or tights support muscles.

They help men hold for longer on warrior pose. I would not recommend them for hot yoga or Bikram yoga because of overheating.

Compression underwear like long boxers also do a similar job as well as cycling shorts.

Yoga Pants Or Shorts For Men

Yoga Pants For Men

If you are a man, you could be wondering between yoga pants and shorts which could be better. They are both good but you have to for either choice with a good reason.

If the temperature of the yoga studio is high, you can pick the shorts and for the pants, it’s a personal preference.

There are various styles of yoga and ways of practicing yoga. For example, there is Bikram yoga which is a type of hot yoga.

To practice Bikram and other types of hot yoga, the temperature of the studio is usually ramped up to between 90 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

With such high temperatures, the only option you have is a short. If the classes you attend are in a place with too much cold or winter, your only option is the pants.

There are shorts that have tapered legs and others have loose-fitting legs. Again, choosing the right one to wear is a personal choice.

You can also determine the best choice to wear if you know the style of yoga you will practice. For example, if you are going to practice asana that requires flipping and flopping, put on loose legs.

FAQ’s What To Wear To Yoga For First Time

Are Tight Clothing Good For Yoga?

Very tight clothing is unfit for yoga. Always wear fitting clothes that allow you comfort when making different yoga poses.

Tight clothing do not allow your body to breath as it should during yoga. Choose breathable and form-fitting pants and tops for your yoga wear. 

Can I Wear A Bra While Doing Yoga?

A regular bra is not recommended when doing yoga. But, you can always go for a fitting sports bra. It allows your body to breath and provides enhanced support when doing different yoga poses.

Can I Wear Thick Fabric For Yoga?

Thick fabrics or clothes make you feel uncomfortable, lead to issues. The issues include skin allergies and rashes.

They are not suitable for yoga. Spandex, nylon, jerseys among others are the best.

Do I Wear Sneakers To Yoga?

When entering the yoga room, you have to be barefoot. You can wear any type of shoe you wish to the yoga class but remove it as you enter since it is practiced barefoot.

Final Thoughts

Comfort is key! Sometimes the simple yoga poses may be challenging. That’s because the muscles worked are not accustomed to be used in our day-to-day lives.

With comfortable clothing, the practice could be easier.

The type of clothing to wear highly depends on the type of class you will have. If you dislike the idea of going barefoot, you can look for yoga socks with a great grip of the floor


What To Wear To Yoga For First Time

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