• Going Commando in Yoga Pants?

    Going Commando in Yoga Pants?

    Yes, we’re really asking that question. Hum hum: do you go commando in your yoga pants? People either do it, or don’t. Not so many “once in a while”. There are pros and cons on each side, from comfort to hygiene and modesty. We wrote down the list for you, because it’s a tough decision and we know you’ll want to feel your best...
  • 9 Gifts Ideas Healthy Moms Will Love

    9 Gifts Ideas Healthy Moms Will Love

    Mother’s Day is the perfect moment to show your mom how much you love her. What better way to do it than to give her something she will really use AND something that is good for her? It’s easier than ever with our X mother’s day gift ideas. The best thing is that these suggestions don’t look like you shopped last minute and are...
  • The 8 Best Yoga Blogs in 2017

    The 8 Best Yoga Blogs in 2017

    Yoga is touching. It is way more than just a physical practice. It is complex, and deeply personal. At whatever stage in your yoga practice, you probably feel the need to learn more and dive deeply into this world of knowledge. Sure, books and teachers are great, but blogs are another (and cheaper) way to go. Blogs sometimes feel like they have been written...
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