Going Commando in Yoga Pants?


Yes, we’re really asking that question. Hum hum: do you go commando in your yoga pants?

People either do it, or don’t. Not so many “once in a while”. There are pros and cons on each side, from comfort to hygiene and modesty. We wrote down the list for you, because it’s a tough decision and we know you’ll want to feel your best in your next warrior.

Pros of going commando

-Hygiene: Extra moisture (sweat) paired with unbreathable underwear AND tight pants can lead to itchy yeast infections. Thongs can lead to IUD’s or bacterial vaginal infections. A PE teacher we know once said: thongs with sweat become a highway for bacterias to go from your anus to your vagina. YUK.

-No panty line: nothing more to be said. Your new yoga pants will always look their best!

-Comfort: no underwear means nothing is slipping down there. No wedgie. No need to try to *discreetly* reposition your underwear.

Pros of wearing underwear

-Moisture management: An extra layer of fabric can help manage the extra moisture (ugliest word, EVER). You won’t feel weird or… too moist.

-Coverage: CAMEL TOE gone! Ok, maybe not completely gone, but panties help not to get them. They’re super ugly and everyone hates them, so if we can find something to avoid them, we’re on board! Also, panties offer more coverage. In positions where your pants are stretched at their maximum, you don’t want everyone or the teacher to see everything. And he/she certainly doesn’t want to either. From our point of view, seeing underwear is far better than seeing a vagina.

-You can wear your pants more often: if it wasn’t a super sweaty class, you could wear your pants again before having to put them in the laundry. Only your underwear needs to be washed. It’s a huge pro if you hate doing laundry.

If you want to try something different –commando or panties- get in front of the mirror and test it. Test the capacity of your pants; if you bend/stretch, do they become see-through? Can you see your underparts or your neon panties? Do you see a panty line? Do you feel comfortable? If all that is in check, you’re making the right choice, weather that’s going commando or not.

In what clan are you? Commando or panty?

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