The REAL Difference Between 20$ and 100$ Yoga Pants


Have you found yourself lusting after expensive yoga pants but aren’t sure if it’s worth spending that much money? We get it. We’ve been there before: choosing the cheaper option and seeing our gear disintegrate before our eyes and stretch out with washes. Here are 4 good reasons to invest in quality yoga clothes.


1- Environmental and Social Impact

Have you heard of fast fashion? Have you ever watched the documentary The True Cost? You totally should (it’s on Netflix!). Fast fashion is the clothing equivalent of fast food. It’s, well… fast, always changing and is good for no one except the corporation. Basically, it’s the way clothes are made faster and cheaper than ever. Collections are multiplying from 4 per year to 8 or more, with stocks changing every 2 weeks or so. Think H&M and Zara. Because these clothes are so cheap, they give us a false sense of richness. We buy them quickly, wear them out quickly and toss them quickly. Then, we need new ones. It’s called disposable fashion. On average, every woman buys 30 kilos of clothes every year and 30% of these end up not being worn once.

The problem is not only the consumerism caused by fast fashion, but most importantly the scary human and environmental impacts well hidden behind it. To be able to sell clothes for so cheap and still make a profit, these brands take advantage of cheap labor in poor countries (we beg you to watch The True Cost, really). The environmental impact is also scary. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting; the bleaching, printing and processing of fabrics release huge amounts of chemicals in our air and water.

With athleisure gaining popularity and these fast fashion brands introducing activewear, the consumers need to assess their choices regarding our workout clothes. Cheap yoga pants may be easier on your wallet, but the planet and cheap labor are the ones paying for it. Yoga pants made in developed countries (like the US, Canada, Europe, etc.) are more ethical because people are paid a better wage, work in safe conditions and are protected by a set of laws. The downside is that the production cost is higher which makes the clothes more expensive; but hey, at least no one works in sweatshops to make these pants! If you want to make an ethical choice, be careful. Expensive doesn’t always mean ethical (we won’t point fingers) as will as the quality of the clothes production line .

At Yoga Dept, we select brands that are making sustainability efforts; Teeki and Onzie are both safely made in the US. Teeki uses fabric made from recycled plastic bottles while Onzie has an eco-printing process that is far less harmful for the planet. Manduka makes eco-friendly yoga mats that will last a lifetime. We clearly indicate eco-friendly clothes with this icon  and ethical with this .Yes, it’s more expensive than 20$ yoga pants, but these are clothes we are proud to wear and that will last for a long time.

2- Technical Fabric

The big difference between a cheap pair of yoga pants and an expensive one is usually the fabric, which makes a big difference. The less expensive pairs are usually made of cotton blends which is comfortable, but not great for working out and sweating. Cotton retains moisture and tends to tear, stretch out and wear out. Higher-end pants usually are moisture wicking which prevents rashes, they hold their shape, move well with the body and stretch in all directions –pretty important for a yoga pant. You don’t want your underwear to show because of see-through material that doesn’t stretch very well.

3- Durability

Because the higher-end athletic clothes are built tougher and made with more care and better materials, they are better quality. They will last for years without losing their shape or tearing and will resist sweat, washes and daily wear. In the end, you’ll save money since you won’t have to replace your yoga pants as often.

4- Design

The design of higher-end yoga pants is more stylish. The graphics and designs are usually cooler but the small details matter too. A good flat-waist fit, slimming side seams or rear seams that make your butt look perkier are all things we never say no to! More expensive yoga pants will most likely fit better and make you feel better which might inspire you to move and workout more in return! You’ll want to wear them all the time, from yoga to the grocery store!

Still not sure? No need to go all out and break the bank, but yes, there is a real difference between 20$ and 100$ yoga pants, and it’s not only quality. Our rule of thumb: it’s better to invest in quality over quantity.


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