Why You Should Start Using Natural Deodorant

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Why You Should Use Natural Deodorant

No one wants to be that one. The smelly one. That’s why most of us heavily rely on deodorants to help us get through those nervous sweats, yoga sessions or runs to catch the bus, odor-free. The thing is that common deodorants and antiperspirants are associated with many health risks, skin irritation and more annoyances. Switching over to natural deodorant can help with these issues and can even make you sweat less. Here’s why you should try it:

Sweat is normal (and good)

While we usually think of sweat as gross, it’s actually normal. We are supposed to sweat. It is one of our body’s mechanics to regulate heat. While sweat is good and important, it’s the odor associated with it that we want to avoid.

Luckily, sweat itself doesn’t smell; it’s just water and salt. It’s the bacteria on the skin that comes into contact with the sweat that produces odor. Traditional deodorants works by killing the natural bacteria on your skin before it comes in contact with sweat to keep you odor-free. Antiperspirants directly blocks sweat glands with aluminum compounds.



The problem with aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants...

Do you know what aluminum is linked with? Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer. Some reports claim that because it is applied so close to breasts, the chemicals could be absorbed through your skin and cause estrogen-related reaction. Some deodorants might even contain infertility-causing chemicals. Isn’t that scary enough to make the switch? These aluminum compounds can also cause an acidic reaction with fabric, which is what causes these annoying yellow underarm sweat stains on your white t-shirts.

Skin irritation and traditional deodorants

Because antiperspirants block sweat glands, sweat can accumulate underneath the skin surface, causing irritation and bumps. The use of beauty products that contain toxic chemicals is linked with a number of health problems like psoriasis, acne, migraines and even auto-immune diseases.

natural deodorant armpit irritation

The actual benefits of natural deodorant

No yellow stains. No aluminum. No toxic chemicals.

Natural deodorants won’t block sweat glands and won’t kill the good bacterias that actually help in reducing the smell. That means that on days when you forget to apply deodorant, you’ll be way less likely to smell a bit musky. Irritation-free pits are a good thing too, which can help to get a closer shave. That’s without saying that, by using natural deodorant, you are reducing your chances of having one of the health issues associated with aluminum compounds and other toxic chemicals in traditional deodorants and antiperspirants.

Make the switch

When switching from traditional deodorant to a natural version, it is advised to completely avoid wearing deodorant for about 3 days. That’s because when you stop wearing these toxic chemical and aluminum filled deodorants, your body starts to push out these toxins of your skin. These toxins don’t mix very well with the baking soda that’s in most natural deodorants and may cause irritation. If you don’t feel good about leaving the house with bare pits, mix a few drops of tea tree oil with coconut oil and add another essential oil of your choice for the smell. Tea tree is known to kill bacteria so this concoction is an all-natural way to prevent unwanted smells before switching to natural deodorant.

Find the one for you

Natural deodorant is not one-size-fits-all. No one has the same body chemistry and what may work well for your friend might not work for you at all. It’s not because you try one that doesn’t work or that causes itchiness that all natural deodorants are bad and don’t work. Persevere and try other kinds.

Do you have itchy armpits because of natural deodorant?

If you switched over to natural deodorant in the recommended way and that you still have irritation and itchy armpits, baking soda may be the culprit. It is in most natural deodorants to act as the bacteria-fighting agent. But some people’s skin doesn’t react well to it, which depends on skin sensitivity and body chemistry. If you are one of them, try a baking-soda free version, they exist! We love our Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant. It smells like grapefruit and leaves us smelling fresh all day, without the itch.

Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick - Grapefruit

Meow Meow Tweet

Try our Meow Meow Tweet Natural Deodorant available in 2 different smells:


Deodorant Stick - Lavender Bergamot


             Deodorant Stick - Lemon Eucalyptus


Meow Meow Tweet                                                Meow Meow Tweet

All natural and organic. Pure ingredients. Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

What our customers think of it:



Ok seriously I have been searching for years for a deodorant that would not only do its job of making me smell fresh all day long but that would also be ecofriendly and non toxic.... I FOUND IT FINALLY! This is no joke the best yet ! It smells great and it keeps me smelling fresh all day long! Love love love my new deo will never try anything else oh and btw I am someone who sweats a LOT and so if you are wondering if this product would work for you believe me it will ! 

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